American Freedom Kennels

Morgan's ADBA Gr Ch Buck
Morgan's Rocky


Morgan's Julie

Morgan's Daisy

Morgan's Butch

Wolf's BJ


American Freedom Kennels | Red Bear II

Murphy's Red Bear II

Morgan's Red Jerry

Morgan's Red Jerry



Morgan's Fran


House of Bull Kennels

Trump's Red Cloud
Morgan's Red Dynamo


Morgan's Red Flame

Morgan's Red Magic

Pitts 4 Life Kennels

P4L's Ch Morgan

P4L's Angel

P4L's So Cal

Neal's Portia


Seaver's Mako

P4L's CH Willow

Bill Pritt's Kennels

Wilder's Red Rustler


Sarona Kennels

Sarona Bull Frisky
Sarona Wild Honey


Sarona Demon Angel
Sarona Dixie Spice


Sarona Trouble


Wilder's Kennels

Wilder's Geronimo II
Wood's & Wilder's Red Inferno

Browne's Red Bruiser

Morgan's Red Bear

Ducharme's Diesel

Marsha Woods Kennels

Wood's and Wilder's Red Hot Inferno
David's Red Rambo

Wood's Big Red

Westover's Red Shredder


Valhalla Kennels

Lisa Eva

Tanya Holland and Eva


Ch. Ace of Ace Red Riot

Ch Aries


Ace Hera
Eva and Ch. Ace Red Valkyrie

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